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What a find: Unusual African paper money

This week, I purchased some rare paper money from Somalia. It’s quite a find and fairly difficult to come by. A dealer bought them in Mogadishu. I don’t remember ever having anything from this country. The notes are from the 1960s and ’70s; the dealer’s had them for a while. They are important because they’re in great condition. Some are extra fine and some are uncirculated. There’s a rare note that’s worth about $500. Usually, money from this part of the world is well circulated so it’s not in great condition. The better the conditions, the greater the value.

Anybody who collects African or even foreign paper money will find this interesting. And remember, we have paper money from around the world. If you’re looking for money from a specific country, chances are, we have it — from A to Z! Shop our web site, give us a call or stop by.


Some really excellent Reagan stuff!

What a find! You never know what’s going to turn up when you clean out a closet. About a year ago, I bought some great Ronald Reagan memorabilia that I’m just now putting up for sale.

There’s a great trip folder from his 1985 trip to China. It’s beautiful and very scarce; it includes a writing tablet. Take a look at the photo on the website. It’s $250.

And we’ve got Presidential cufflinks and a tie clip, in their original boxes. The cufflinks are $150; the tie clip is $125.

But the very best thing is a set of 10K gold cufflinks from during the time he was governor of California (1967-1975). These are also very scarce, and they are really gorgeous. They can be yours for $450.


We are on the move!

We have exciting news at Capital Coin. By the end of March, we’ll have a brand new location to serve you.

That’s right, we are packing up and shipping out. But we aren’t going far. Our new location will be right in the same neighborhood.

So for all your coin and political memorabilia needs, you can just visit us a couple of blocks away. Or keep up-to-date on our stock by visiting the website.

March 17 will be our last day at our 17th Street location. We will be closed while we pack and move. We’ll reopen April 3. The website will be up and running but our response may be a little slow until we dig out the computers and get everything up and running again.

Moving a business like ours is a daunting task. Just the buttons alone take hours to pack up. And they have to be unpacked and racked again.

Our new address is 1616 H Street NW, Suite B-1, Washington, DC 20006. The phone number remains the same – (202) 296-0400. Hope to see you soon!


Changing of the guard on Inauguration Day

Our thoughts this week turn to the inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20.

We have dozens of buttons featuring President-elect Donald Trump as well as Vice President-elect Mike Pence. There’s a nice, 9-button set for $20. Or, if you are looking for a collectible to talk about, we have the same set that features the wrong date! Everybody makes a mistake, including the folks who print the buttons. That set is also $20.

For every inauguration, there are plenty of ways to show your political pride and this year is no different. From buttons featuring the President-elect and the number 45 to buttons including the new first family, there is a wide variety to choose from. Most buttons are $3.

And don’t forget, buttons from the campaign are still available.

If you are in town before the inauguration, please stop by and see us. We’re well stocked with interesting merchandise for your collections, including items from past inaugurations.

We will be closed on Inauguration Day. But check us out online. Or, if you are in town for a few days after the big event, stop by then. We’re open Monday through Friday.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you!


New Year; new coins

Isn’t it time to pick up a few American coins to start out the year?

We’ve just put up some cents and half cents in fine, very fine and extra fine condition. We call it our "cent sale." You’ll see some historic pieces just waiting to be added to your collection. Starting at $25, they are a fun and affordable way to collect in 2016. There are as many price points as there are coins! See the cent sale here.

And remember, if you don’t see what you want, give us a call at 202-296-0400. We have many pieces in store that haven’t made it to our web site.

And if you have a coin you’d like us to look at, either for appraisal or to buy, let us know. We are experts in the field and will give you an opinion based on years of experience and knowledge.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from our family to yours!


Fair price, fair value for your collectibles!

Find a silver dollar from Great-Grandma Minnie?

Unearth a box in your closet loaded with pennies and dimes?

Inherit all of your uncle’s precious button collection from FDR’s era?

We can help you put a value on your treasures and dispose of them so that everyone is happy.

With more than 50 years of experience, we can put a fair, accurate price on your coins, stamps and political memorabilia. Individual items or entire collections –– no appraisal is too big or too small.

Don’t let these items sit in a closet. They might have been a treasure to a family member, and they could be a treasure to another collector just looking for that item you’ve packed away. And with the price of gold and silver what they are, you will have a nice little sum to spend on something you want. We also can sell on consignment for a commission.

Gold, silver, coins, U.S. stamps, presidential items, we value them all!

Our prices are reasonable. Give us a call. Or stop by.


Don’t forget to pick up those buttons

With just under a year to Election 2016, the campaigns are heating up. Are you watching the debates? Republican? Democrat? Both?

Remember that we have the buttons you want to collect. We have all the candidates who have run for president; we even have the buttons issued for those who have dropped out of the race. When the dust clears and the election is over, you want a complete collection, right? Well, check out our button area now and get them before they sell out.

Wouldn’t this be a great collection to talk about with your children and grandchildren? Campaign buttons are an alternate historical record that can spark many teachable moments.

But really, they’re just fun. So get yourself a Trump, Rubio, Bush and don’t forget Jindal before everyone else does.


Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Now that the 2014 elections are in the books, it's time to start thinking about 2016! Jump on the political bandwagon with our outstanding selection of political buttons.

We’ve got lots of Hillary buttons: Hillary as Wonder Woman or the Statue of Liberty or just as herself. There’s an assortment of other candidates as well. Are you a Chris Christie fan? How about Rand Paul? Peter King? Cory Booker? Think Elizabeth Warren will partner with Hillary? There’s a button for all those choices. And at $2 each, prices are reasonable.

These buttons are sure to be collector’s items as the election season heats up and the 2016 field changes.

Check out our massive array of political buttons here!   More

We're up and running!

Have you stopped by our new location yet? We are all moved in and ready for your visit. All of our coins and political items are on display at 1616 H Street NW, just minutes from the White House. We’re in the Grange Building. Come by and check it out.

We have some of this year’s eggs from the Easter Egg Roll, and they are one-of-a-kind. Take a look ; click on the Easter link. We even have a gold egg at $25. These aren’t available everywhere, and they make a wonderful addition to your collection.

If you are looking for some Trump items, we have a mixture of buttons and other political items that you just have to see. There a 21-piece anti-Trump/Pence button set for $40 that’s pretty interesting. And there’s more than a dozen other anti-Trump buttons that could be part of a memorable collection.

Among items from the inauguration, we have an invitation to the swearing-in ceremony – yours for $50. There’s also a parade ticket for $5.

We also have a large selection of Presidential and Secret Service challenge coins.

The weather is warm and it’s time to visit our Nation’s Capital. While you’re in town, come in for a visit. As always, you can give us a call. Our phone number remains the same: 202-296-0400   More

It’s Summer and the Collecting is Easy!

During the lazy days of summer, why not take some time and add to your collection?

Have you considered a challenge coin? They make an interesting and valuable conversation piece.

Originally carried by members of the military to signify membership, they’ve evolved into medallions distributed as tokens of appreciation and eventually as mementoes of events. They are made of many different materials and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Every president since Bill Clinton has challenge coins with one reserved for the general public. Vice presidents have them, too, as well as a number of other government organizations.

Right now, we have a Presidential Limo “The Beast” challenge coin that’s very interesting. It’s $45. Take a look.

Also on display online is a State Department South Africa challenge coin and a State Department Seoul Regional challenge coin. These are $20 each. Challenge coins come in all shapes, sizes and price points. There’s a President Obama Visit to China challenge coin that sells for $75.

You’ll find these “coins” when you click on the “Other” button under Political Memorabilia.

Our website is always up and running. You can look through our extensive line of political items and coins. We have something for everyone.

Enjoy those lazy, hazy days of August. In Washington, we’ll be living with the dreaded three H’s: Hazy, Hot and Humid. Stop by if you are in town!


Check out these John Hancocks!

It’s the season for signatures. We’re talking autographs. And we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. Whether you are an established collector or looking for a new hobby, you’ll love our stock of interesting items.

Take a look at our collection of Mikhail Gorbachev Time magazine covers. This is a group of 15 covers from 1985 to 1991 featuring Gorbachev’s photo. Each one is signed by Gorbachev. The whole collection is for sale, as is, for $3,750. A great find for anyone interested in Gorbachev and that period of history!

Presidential autographs are always popular. One of the most interesting is a Woodrow Wilson signature on White House stationery. Items on White House stationery are always more valuable because they are from the era when he was actually in the White House. This letter is from 1917, and it’s $675.

If you’re interested in foreign items, there’s a great piece of history from Lord Louis Mountbatten. As you might recall, he was a cousin of the Queen and was assassinated by the IRA. This is an actual handwritten signature from 1955 and it’s yours for $150. We have other foreign items if you are interested. Just call to find out what we’ve got.

Check out the web site under autographs for more interesting items. If you are interested in history and politics, we’ve got something for you. Everything is unframed and actual items. Don’t hesitate to call with questions.


Support your favorite 2016 candidates now!

Buttons are hot, hot, hot

Before you know it, the 2016 presidential race will be here. The political buzz has already started. Candidates are exploring their options.

We’ve got buttons from all the potential candidates, both Democrats, Republicans and more. Top runners. Long shots. We’ve even got buttons from some candidates you never imaged would jump into the race.

Do you know who Dr. Ben Carson is? How about Rep. Kristi Noem? We've got 'em! We’ve got buttons for lots of potential candidates, whether or not they eventually decide to run. That makes them especially fun to collect.

And all your favorites are represented in our extensive collection of 2016 campaign buttons for sale: Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney.

More and more women’s buttons are coming in every day. If you just want to support women in their run for office, explore our website to find all the potential female candidates.

So show your support and wear your choice on your sleeve … or your lapel. Or just grab a fun piece of history. Our 2016 presidential campaign buttons are just $2 a piece. Everyone can afford one or two! Visit us often. New buttons arrive daily.


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