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White House presidential flag is a great find!

I recently purchased a large White House Oval Office Presidential Flag dating from the 1960s. It measures 53 inches by 42 inches. The flag has been removed from the frame. Here are five interesting facts about it:

(1.) the finishing production date is Feb 28, 1968 (2.) it's made of polyester-rayon & the POTUS coat of arms is a mix machine & hand stitchings (3.) the fringes consist of gold of & silver bullion (4.) it's one of only six of this particular class of flag in existence (5.) it's a military color guard flag, it was always within a few feet of POTUS

It’s quite a find. One recently sold for $27,500. Call us for pricing.   More

Support your favorite 2016 candidates now!

Buttons are hot, hot, hot

Before you know it, the 2016 presidential race will be here. The political buzz has already started. Candidates are exploring their options.

We’ve got buttons from all the potential candidates, both Democrats, Republicans and more. Top runners. Long shots. We’ve even got buttons from some candidates you never imaged would jump into the race.

Do you know who Dr. Ben Carson is? How about Rep. Kristi Noem? We've got 'em! We’ve got buttons for lots of potential candidates, whether or not they eventually decide to run. That makes them especially fun to collect.

And all your favorites are represented in our extensive collection of 2016 campaign buttons for sale: Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney.

More and more women’s buttons are coming in every day. If you just want to support women in their run for office, explore our website to find all the potential female candidates.

So show your support and wear your choice on your sleeve … or your lapel. Or just grab a fun piece of history. Our 2016 presidential campaign buttons are just $2 a piece. Everyone can afford one or two! Visit us often. New buttons arrive daily.


Get ’em while they are hot!

We had a wonderful show in Harrisburg. It was great to see so many old friends and meet some new people, too. Now, our thoughts are turning to the upcoming political conventions.

Now is the time to get all your buttons before the convention. We have buttons from all the candidates – whether they are still in the race or not. It’s time to get them while there’s still a good selection.

Hillary or Donald… or both? If you are a collector you’ll want to grab some of each. And perhaps pick up a few of the wannabes like Bernie, or Ben, or Jeb, or John.

If you have plenty of buttons to get you through the Republication convention that starts July 18, and Democratic convention that starts July 25, how about reading a book?

Our supply of “52 Reasons to Vote for Hillary” just arrived. At $14.95 it’s a bargain whether you are in the Hillary or Donald camp. Order now for an autographed copy.


Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Now that the 2014 elections are in the books, it's time to start thinking about 2016! Jump on the political bandwagon with our outstanding selection of political buttons.

We’ve got lots of Hillary buttons: Hillary as Wonder Woman or the Statue of Liberty or just as herself. There’s an assortment of other candidates as well. Are you a Chris Christie fan? How about Rand Paul? Peter King? Cory Booker? Think Elizabeth Warren will partner with Hillary? There’s a button for all those choices. And at $2 each, prices are reasonable.

These buttons are sure to be collector’s items as the election season heats up and the 2016 field changes.

Check out our massive array of political buttons here!   More

What a find: Unusual African paper money

This week, I purchased some rare paper money from Somalia. It’s quite a find and fairly difficult to come by. A dealer bought them in Mogadishu. I don’t remember ever having anything from this country. The notes are from the 1960s and ’70s; the dealer’s had them for a while. They are important because they’re in great condition. Some are extra fine and some are uncirculated. There’s a rare note that’s worth about $500. Usually, money from this part of the world is well circulated so it’s not in great condition. The better the conditions, the greater the value.

Anybody who collects African or even foreign paper money will find this interesting. And remember, we have paper money from around the world. If you’re looking for money from a specific country, chances are, we have it — from A to Z! Shop our web site, give us a call or stop by.


New Year; new coins

Isn’t it time to pick up a few American coins to start out the year?

We’ve just put up some cents and half cents in fine, very fine and extra fine condition. We call it our "cent sale." You’ll see some historic pieces just waiting to be added to your collection. Starting at $25, they are a fun and affordable way to collect in 2016. There are as many price points as there are coins! See the cent sale here.

And remember, if you don’t see what you want, give us a call at 202-296-0400. We have many pieces in store that haven’t made it to our web site.

And if you have a coin you’d like us to look at, either for appraisal or to buy, let us know. We are experts in the field and will give you an opinion based on years of experience and knowledge.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from our family to yours!


Campaign buttons are an American tradition

Jeb or Hillary? Ted or Bernie?

Want to wear your support on your lapel? We’ve got the buttons you want!

The field is getting more and more crowded. Whether Republican or Democrat; conservative or liberal, it’s getting hard to keep the candidates straight. Some of today’s big names will be gone soon. One will likely become president. What better way to remember the 2016 race than by collecting buttons from each candidate who throws his or her hat in the race?

Did you know that political campaign buttons have been around since the beginning of campaigns in this country? Even George Washington wore one. And every campaign has had them. In the 1860s, candidates started adding likenesses of themselves. In the 1890s, the first mass-produced buttons made an appearance during the campaign of William McKinley.

We’ve got today’s candidates. And many of those from decades ago. New buttons come in daily. Get them before someone else does. Some are hard to find. They’re the perfect collectible today.


Start your holiday shopping here

Ho. Ho. Ho. It’s time for the holidays!

We have plenty of gifts for the collector in your life. Or perhaps you’d like to treat yourself. We won’t judge. We have White House ornaments and Camp David ornaments as well as Secret Service ornaments to adorn your tree or decorate your house.

We’ve just put some vintage Christmas cards up. These are excellent gifts for the holidays. There’s a card signed by George H.W. Bush from the ‘80s for $250 and a great LBJ card for $700. If those are a little more than you’ve budgeted for, take a look at the Camp David Christmas card at $10. Wouldn’t this be a great stocking stuffer?

We’ve also got some interesting programs from the White House including Christmas tree lighting and decoration programs.

Click on the Christmas link at the left of this page, and you can check out all of these and more.

And remember, the gifts of coins and political memorabilia don't have to be holiday themed. A nice medal, collectible coin or a button from the recent election is always appreciated. This is especially true if it you spent time choosing it for that special someone.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.


’Tis the season!

It’s time to think about Christmas!

And holiday cards. We have a large selection of White House Christmas cards. You can see many of them on our website. The scarce ones include a beautiful LBJ card at $700 and a 1953 Eisenhower card for $995. The Eisenhower card is one of only 500 made, and it’s a beauty. Both are featured on our home page.

We also have a selection of large autographed cards. These are particularly scarce as they are usually only given to cabinet members and Secret Service agents. Check out the beautiful Bush card from 1991 for $495. This would make a perfect special gift for the collector.

Camp David and HMX cards are also in stock. Those are hard to find, but we have them from past years and hope to have this year’s offerings soon. 

While you are in the holiday spirit, how about an ornament for your tree, or your display case? The website features many of these so you can choose that special one for your household. And they are reasonably priced at $25-$35. 

You can see all our Christmas-related items online.

We are your one-stop shop for unique and collectible holiday gifts. Give us a call at 202-296-0400, and we can help you choose that perfect gift for the history buff or political or coin collector in your family.

And stay tuned. We are working on inventorying a big political button collection. More on that next time.    More

Kennedy medal, Carter buttons now part of our growing collections!

This week I bought a 1964 gold JFK medal crafted by Italian designer Franco Fossa. The 22mm medal was used as an example of the sculptor's work at Italy's National Exhibit of Contemporary Medals. It’s a unique tribute to one of the country’s greatest presidents. Buy it for $350.

I’ve also got some new Carter campaign buttons that were part of a recently purchased large collection of campaign buttons. Let me know if you’re interested or if you are looking for any other campaign buttons. We may have just what you need!   More

Some really excellent Reagan stuff!

What a find! You never know what’s going to turn up when you clean out a closet. About a year ago, I bought some great Ronald Reagan memorabilia that I’m just now putting up for sale.

There’s a great trip folder from his 1985 trip to China. It’s beautiful and very scarce; it includes a writing tablet. Take a look at the photo on the website. It’s $250.

And we’ve got Presidential cufflinks and a tie clip, in their original boxes. The cufflinks are $150; the tie clip is $125.

But the very best thing is a set of 10K gold cufflinks from during the time he was governor of California (1967-1975). These are also very scarce, and they are really gorgeous. They can be yours for $450.


Check out these John Hancocks!

It’s the season for signatures. We’re talking autographs. And we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. Whether you are an established collector or looking for a new hobby, you’ll love our stock of interesting items.

Take a look at our collection of Mikhail Gorbachev Time magazine covers. This is a group of 15 covers from 1985 to 1991 featuring Gorbachev’s photo. Each one is signed by Gorbachev. The whole collection is for sale, as is, for $3,750. A great find for anyone interested in Gorbachev and that period of history!

Presidential autographs are always popular. One of the most interesting is a Woodrow Wilson signature on White House stationery. Items on White House stationery are always more valuable because they are from the era when he was actually in the White House. This letter is from 1917, and it’s $675.

If you’re interested in foreign items, there’s a great piece of history from Lord Louis Mountbatten. As you might recall, he was a cousin of the Queen and was assassinated by the IRA. This is an actual handwritten signature from 1955 and it’s yours for $150. We have other foreign items if you are interested. Just call to find out what we’ve got.

Check out the web site under autographs for more interesting items. If you are interested in history and politics, we’ve got something for you. Everything is unframed and actual items. Don’t hesitate to call with questions.


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